The beginning was on December 20, 1879 when William W. Gillan was given his FINAL RECEIVERS RECEIPT and was handed ABSTRACT OF TITLE NO. 767 for certain lands that lay in Section 1, Town 3, Range 21, with other lands in Furnas County, Nebraska.
Nine days later William W. Gillan and Caroline S. Gillan, husband and wife deeded certain of this land to Jacob G. Struve and issued a warranty deed in for $200.00. Keep in mind that this transaction was on December 29, 1879.
But two months and one day earlier, October 28, 1879, Jacob Struve had granted unto Republican Valley Railroad Company Right-of-Way Deed for the right-of-way over certain portions of this land for the construction of a railroad, all of which was entirely legal in all respects.
On June 10, 1880 at 1 p.m. there was recorded in the Office of the County Clerk of Furnas County, Nebraska an instrument that had been signed by Jacob G. Struve, Clara P. Pease and A.E. Touzalin, Trustee, entitled “Survey and Dedication” to the Public that dedicated to public use the original town site of what is now Oxford, Nebraska and which lay in the area described above.

Update On City Council Construction

As many of you have probably already seen, we are renovating our City Council building. We’d like to thank Oxford Construction Co who has done a great job so far, as well as Porta Potty Pros who has provided us with low priced porta potty rentals for the job site as well as restroom trailers for our employees. Construction is set to be completed in about 3 months. We can’t wait to be in our new office!

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